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Municipalities are most often the ones responsible for planning, building and maintaining stormwater infrastructure – both traditional grey, and green infrastructure. Municipal governments are also the ones paying for these services. The solutions to planning for and financing green infrastructure are as varied as the communities implementing them, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn from each other.

Municipalities are also facing challenges like aging infrastructure, pipes and culverts that can’t handle the increase flow from big, more frequent storms, and competing demands for time and resources.

By getting the community on board, municipalities can have a greater cumulative impact on their stormwater problems. Cities and towns across the world are including green infrastructure into their stormwater planning.

A good starting place to talk about stormwater is to make sure that everyone, from community members, to council members, to public employees, are all on the same page. The stormwater dictionary and “what is stormwater?” pages can help answer some of the easier questions that come up.

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