Green Roof


A green roof is a layer of vegetation that entirely or partially covers a building rooftop, and compensates for the amount of vegetation removed from the ground in constructing the building. A waterproof membrane separates the vegetation from the rooftop, protecting it from damage. In fact, green roofs can significantly extend the lifespan of roofs not only by reducing stormwater runoff, but also by shielding against wind, frost, UV rays and debris. Further benefit includes temperature regulation of your home, maintaining warmth in winter and cooling in the summer.

A low-growing, dense, drought resistant vegetation style – categorized as “intensive” – is most common amongst single-family or multifamily residential buildings. Alternately, garden roofs – categorized as “extensive” – are composed of trees, flowers, bushes, shrubs and other taller, heavier vegetation.



It is recommended to hire a professional roofing contractor or landscape contractor trained in green roof installation.

The green roof is installed in layers:

Optional additions:



Maintenance should be considered in the design process. Light annual maintenance of the green roof will ensure optimal performance.