Native Plants

Native vegetation is adapted to local climatic conditions. This means that, when placed strategically, vegetation will thrive with little or no maintenance. Planting native vegetation will also help prevent the introduction of invasive species.


Plants for Bogs and Wetlands
Bladderworts Blue Flag Yellow Pond Lilly  Pickerel weed
Sedges Sweet Gale Marsh-Marigold  Water Arum
Many Orchids Pitcher Plant Green Hellebore  Joe-Pye-Weed
Pale Laurel Rhodora Touch-Me-Not  Sundew
Turtlehead Rushes Sweet Flag  Water Lily
Wildflowers for Shade and Moist Soil
Bloodroot White Violet Skunk Cabbage  Dutchman’s Breeches
Solomon’s Seal Wild Lily-of-the-Valley Miterwort   Dog’s Tooth Violet
Starflower Painted Lady’s Slipper Many Orchids  Purple Trillium
Mayapple Twisted Stalk Goldthread
Wildflowers for Partial Shade and Moist Soil
 Small White Violet  Blue Violet  Indian Cucumber-Root Bellwort
 Wood poppy  Mayflower  Common Lady’s Slipper  Sarsparilla
 Foamflower  Partridge-Berry  False Solomon’s Seal  Clintonia
 Toothwort  Avens  Jack-in-the-Pulpit  Bunchberry
 Wood Anemone  Wintergreen  Virgin’s Bower Vine  Painted Trillium
 Red or White Baneberry  Heal All  Sweet Cicely  Hepatica
Wildflowers for Sun
Canada Lily* Tansy Yarrow (invasive)  Clover
Sedum Queen of the Meadow* Blue Flag*  Daisy
Fireweed* Pearly Everlasting Harebell  Blue-Eyed Grass
Brown eyed Susan Bluet Lupin  Wild Geranium
Aster Bone set* Bird’s-foot Trefoil  Cinquefoil
Bunchberry* Forget me Not Cow Vetch
Evening Primrose Beach pea Goldenrod (invasive)
Small Shrubs
Inkberry Canada Holly Bristly Black Currant Bayberry**
Canada Yew False Holly Highbush Blueberry  Common Juniper**
Smooth Gooseberry Chokeberry Bush Honeysuckle*
Bog Birch Sweet Pepperbush Shrubby Cinquefoil*
Steeplebush Hobblebush Daphne
Sweetfern   Carpet juniper Lambkill
Deciduous – large trees
Red Maple Black Ash Trembling Aspen White Birch
Sugar Maple White Ash Large-Tooth Aspen Gray/Wire Birch
Striped Maple Red Ash Balsam Poplar Yellow Birch
Red Oak Ironwood Beech American Elm hybrids
Evergreen trees
Balsam Fir White Pine White Spruce ** Hemlock
Cedar Red Pine Red Spruce
Tamarack Jack Pine Black Spruce
Hardwoods – Small Trees/Large Shrubs
Speckled Alder Mountain Ash Red Osier Dogwood Choke Cherry**
Sumac Black Cherry High Bush Cranberry Pin Cherry**
Wild Raisin Common Elder** Alternate Leaf Dogwood
Witch hazel Wild Rose Service Berry/Indian Pear**
Beaked Hazelnut Witherod Red Berried Elder*


* Requires moist soil
** Work well as wind breaks