Location: Simmons Arena

Address: 170 North St. Charlottetown PEI

The LID demonstration site at the Simmons Arena was designed in consultation with CBCL Ltd, in Halifax, as well as City of Charlottetown and Atlantic Stormwater Initiative staff. The property is centrally located, and receives traffic from both the rink and the nearby high school. The LIDs were located on a part of the property that is easily accessed by the public.

The site was designed to be able to handle the first 15 mm of a rain event on site. A combination of a vegetated bioswale with several examples of permeable hard-surface options was installed in October 2016.

The bioswale is located along the side of the rink, between the building and the road. The bioswale has a 0.5 m deep bed of aggregate, acting as water storage, and connects to the municipal storm drain system. This is covered by  topsoil and compost, and has been planted with native species.

The permeable hard surface options were installed on a 1 m-deep bed of aggregate, topped with a 5-15 cm thick layer of pea gravel. The following were then installed in 10′ x 10′ adjacent sections:

Grass grid pavers, supplied by Core Systems

Gravel grid pavers, supplied by Core Systems

Concrete grass pavers, supplied by Shaw Brick

Cement semi-permeable pavers,  supplied by Shaw Brick

A 200 sq. ft permeable asphalt pad was installed by Island Construction.

Island Coastal Services provided the excavation and trucking, and Island Construction provided the aggregate for the site.

The Hillsborough River Association were invaluable help in the construction.

Signs will be installed at the site to highlight key features.