About Us

About the Program

The goal of Clean Foundation’s Atlantic Stormwater Initiative (ASI) is to bring effective stormwater management into the mainstream.

Stormwater management is increasingly a focus point for governments at many levels and for First Nations, as well as for NGOs, homeowners, decision-makers and developers. Current stormwater practices result in poor water quality, groundwater recharge issues, unhealthy ecosystems, increased erosion and added stresses on our water infrastructure.

By bringing these problems to the forefront and pairing them with solutions, resources and successful examples, ASI will work to improve our water quality and health.

Atlantic Stormwater Network

Achieving this goal requires a strong network of stormwater experts, policy makers, landowners and stakeholders. This network will need to communicate freely and openly, toward a common goal of improving stormwater management across Atlantic Canada. ASI has worked to form the foundations of this network, address the needs of those involved, and effectively facilitate communication, information sharing, and collaboration.

ASI continues to build on the existing capacity for stormwater management within Atlantic Canada, and identify those solutions which will work best for our demanding climate.

You can contact the Atlantic Stormwater Initiative here.

About Clean Foundation

Foundation_Stacked_Tagline_RGBASI is a project of Clean Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental environmental organization created in 1988. We provide the knowledge, tools and inspiration needed to encourage the individual actions that add up to positive environmental change. Clean works for a clean climate and clean water – and to help reach these green goals, we foster, educate and support clean leaders.

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