Effective Stormwater Management

Clean Foundation's Atlantic Stormwater Initiative aims to help people in the Atlantic region adapt to climate change, and improve the health, productivity and long-term sustainability of our ecosystems.

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Atlantic Stormwater Conference

The Atlantic Stormwater November 9th, 2015 conference was the inaugural event for ASI. This conference builds upon the NS SWIMS conference, held in 2013, and an Applied Stormwater Management workshop, held in 2012.

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Learn more about what you can do on your property to manage stormwater, and keep it clean.

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Atlantic Stormwater Initiative

Program Overview

Stormwater management is a concern for everybody, from property owners with flooding problems, to municipalities dealing with aging infrastructure, to communities concerned about water quality and environmental health.

What is stormwater, and what can you do?


What is Stormwater?

It can rain and snow (a lot!) in Atlantic Canada. But where does all that water go? And what does it take with it – pollutants, garbage, soil? Learn more about stormwater, and how it impacts you.


Low impact development methods can be implemented alone or in combination for effective stormwater management. Learn more about these specific methods, but let your imagination run free thinking of ways to combine them!

Tools for Property Owners

With an increase in future rainfall intensities predicted for Atlantic Canada, those damp areas on your property could soon become flooding concerns. Learn more about using low impact development methods to maintain a healthy, happy home.


Tools for Municipalities

Building a sustainable stormwater management system helps build a sustainable way of life. Create a more livable community, and forge valuable partnerships with neighbours, non-profits, municipal politicians, and community organizations.

Tools for Businesses and Communities

For the small and medium businesses that make up a major part of our economy, there are social, environmental and economic benefits to managing stormwater through green infrastructure. Learn more about these benefits to your triple bottom line.

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It can rain and snow (a lot!) in Atlantic Canada. But where does all that water go? And what does it take with it: pollutants, garbage, soil? Join us as we wade into a discussion on storms, climate change and flooding.

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People across Atlantic Canada are working hard to manage their stormwater using green infrastructure. Find out who is doing work near you, or who is solving the problems you are facing!

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